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PBS batch system in Tier2 Cyfronet

    Portable Batch System (PBS) (unsupported OpenPBS)
    Batch job submition and workload management system for a Linux cluster.
    PBS commands can be executed on UI and WN nodes, but jobs are submitted only from UI.

    Queues on EGEE: qstat -q (qstat -q @ce)
                  regular, local queues are: l_short, l_long, l_infinite, l_prio
                  queues for Grid VO users: atlas, biomed, alice, ...

    Job submition and management is done from user interaface machine: ui.cyf-kr.edu.pl
                 qsub -q queue_name job_script  
                 qsub -q queue_name l_infinite@ce job_script

     Interactive work, starting a new session on WN:
                 qsub -I -q l_infinite (qsub -I -q l_infinite@ce)

     If this works too slow, one can try using "-q l_prio"
     If this doesn't help, one can connect by ssh. But first check which nodes are free:
                pbsnodes -a | grep -B 1 "state = free"

-- AndrzejOlszewski - 16 Mar 2009

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