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Fast Sim Tutorial

The belowe tutorial was created to inroduce working with SuperB Fast Sim. All comends were made in bastion maschine and should also work on other maschines with properly installed superb soft.

Firstly let's log into bastion:

ssh -X <user_name>@bastion.cnaf.infn.it

And secondly to one of the following clusters:

ssh -X bbr-ui.cr.cnaf.infn.it
ssh -X bbr-serv08

In the clusters we have got two options. In the home directory we have only 200MB of disk space, which is not much. I don't recomend using this.

We can do:

cd /storage/gpfs_superb/users/

mkdir <user_name>

cd <user_name>

Now let's creat a folder where we can put our soft:

mkdir job_area

And in that folder:

mkdir -p SuperB/FastSim

The structore of folders is not important, but I sugest to keep this one. Makes it easier to discus with other users your problems etc.

Now we go to SuperB/FastSim. Now we are ready to start installing our sofrtawe. Firstly we have to source out enviroment:

source $SBROOT/bin/superb-env.sh

This also set ROOT. If you don't whant all SuperB env but only ROOT you can do:

export ROOTVER="5.26"

Than we can finally install FastSim:

svn list https://sbrepo.pd.infn.it:8910/PACRAT

sbnewrel -d V0.3.1 -r FastSim/V0.3.1

This is the official version used for all MC studies. Previous one was 2.6. Still some packages work better on the old one, but the old one doesn't include newer packages. Like for example D tagging.

Now let's go to our realise:

cd V0.3.1

Now comes the magical part =). You need to do:


This set's the patch. I don't want to go to deatails of this thing cuz this will change soon into different script. Just remember that you have to do this when you install additional packages.

Now let's compile the soft:

cd workdir

make setup

This ends the instalation.

Patching the realise

From time to time we need to patch the realise:

cd ~/SuperB/FastSim/V0.3.1/ReleaseFiles

svn update

If we see that he download/add/reaplaced/changed somefiles we need to compile it ( this is rare =P ):

cd ..

SvnTools/addpkg -f ReleaseFiles/Patches

gmake clean

gmake lib

Running the example jobs

To test if we correctly installed the FastSim we can run example MC simulations whcih are build in the env:

cd ~/SuperB/FastSim/V0.3.1/workdir

PacMCApp PARENT/PacMC/snippet.tcl

If this finishes without any problems yuo won =)

-- MarcinChrzaszcz - 2012-03-01

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